Echo Valley faces the beautiful cliffside of Echo Bluff, where lush vegetation shades one of the most idyllic swimming holes in Texas. The camp is one of our most historic, established in 1954 when the Butt Family first bought the Wolfe Ranch to provide a place where young people who might not otherwise be able to afford it could have a first class camping experience. In 1967, Echo Valley hosted its first summer camp for Laity Lodge. Today, this historic campsite is shared between three programs—H. E. Butt Foundation Camp, Laity Lodge Youth Camp, and Outdoor School.


Phone: 830-232-3680


Echo Valley is unavailable May through mid August.


288 total beds (Cabins are heated but not air-conditioned)


The kitchen has a commercial LP gas range (eight burners, two conventional ovens, and a grill), a double LP gas convection oven, a holding oven, a large pantry, a reach-in refrigerator, a walk-in refrigerator, a walk-in freezer, an ice machine, and a commercial mixer. A dishwashing machine is available as well as a three-well sink for scrubbing pots and pans.The kitchen is supplied with plates, cups, bowls, tumblers, flatware, and serving pieces. A steam table/serving counter accommodates cafeteria-style serving. Food preparation utensils and containers are well-stocked, including large spoons, forks, ladles, spatulas, tongs, sharp knives, large bowls, sheet pans, roasting pans, a coffee maker, pitchers, muffin pans, funnels, strainer/colander, whisk, etc.

  • Please do not use disposable products such as paper plates, plastic cups, tableware, etc.
  • Plan to bring all consumable goods such as paper towels, toilet paper, trash bags, dish towels, soap, cleaning supplies, etc.
  • Please plan to haul your garbage to a dumpster located on the property. A trailer (hitch required) is provided at the campsite for hauling garbage. A blue recycle bin is also provided with clear bags to facilitate recycling per instructions and should be hauled to the onsite recycling dumpster.
  • BBQ barrels are available, but you must bring your own charcoal, firewood, and starter.


Inside dining is available at round tables in the Ranch House. This enclosed dining space doubles as a meeting area. The inside dining area is heated but not air-conditioned.

The covered open-air patio can also be used for dining or activities.


The Frog Sullivan Pavilion seats 300 for covered, open-air meetings, worship, skits, and presentations. The pavilion has electric outlets, but no A/V equipment is available.


At the primary waterfront area, the water is quiet, but deep and safe only for competent swimmers. “Pebble Beach,” a short distance upstream, gradually slopes to water about four feet deep. The shallows there are suitable for wading.

  • A certified lifeguard must supervise all waterfront activity.
  • While fishing, please observe our “catch and release” policy.
  • Canoes are available. Personal flotation devices are furnished and must be worn in the canoes.


  • Two tennis courts, a basketball court, two sand volleyball courts, a softball diamond, a playing field, a Ga-Ga ball pit and a frisbee golf course are available. You must provide your own sports equipment.
  • An outdoor pavilion for activities is available.
  • Hiking trails are nearby.
  • A campfire ring is located near the river adjacent to the Ranch House. Please bring your own firewood, and plan to take home any firewood you do not use.